Trust & Security

AluGuest offers a trust & security system, such is composed of secure functionalities and good practices in addition to our highly qualified customer service staff and a unique review system that will ensure you're protected at every minute.

Secure Platform

A secure platform to ensure you don't have unnecessary worries

We offer protection to our hosts and guest besides offering different payment methods. We verify the identities of our users by connecting to different social networks, confirming the personal data provided along with the phone number. We have a transparent evaluation & profile process for all of our users to ensure you can have accurate data of your future host or guest.

Secure Payment

All your payments and charges in a safe site

When a guest makes a payment for a booking, he does so through AluGuest's payment system processor. We will then retain that money until 24 hours elapse after the guest's arrival, once this time elapses we will send the money to the host according to his selected payment mehtod. AluGuest will ensure throughout this process that all transactions are made correctly so that you don't have to worry about it.